Why Us?

Why We are Different

The PTE Academic Score Report includes your overall score, communicative skills scores and enabling skills scores. The overall score reflects your overall English language ability. The score is based on performance on all items in the test. The range for the overall score is 10-90 points.

Scores for communicative skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing) are based on all test items that assess these skills, either as a single skill or together with other skills. The range for each communicative skill score is 10-90 points.

Scores for enabling skills (grammar, oral fluency, pronunciation, spelling, vocabulary and written discourse) are based on all test items assessing one or more of these skills. The range for each enabling skill score is 10-90 points.


  • PTE Academic is a 100% computer based test. Our highly effective online computer training gets you high scores and a real feel of PTE test.
  • PTE Online training explains each question type in details and gives you sufficient practice on each question type till you master them.
  • This online training helps you discover your weak areas and prepares you in a step by step approach till you gain sufficient expertise to score a high score.
  • PTE Online training gives you sufficient opportunity to prepare through a range of options: Full course (if you have sufficient time to prepare and the score requirement is above 79+), Crash Course (if you have 10-15 days to prepare), Mock Tests with Explanations (If you have barely a week to prepare, and books if you do not have a computer to practice.
  • PTE Online training is through a unique methodology using test strategy sessions, a battery of online mock tests, and live one-to-one feedback, this methodology has been extremely useful to thousands of successful test takers.